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A Rational Workbook for Recovery from Addiction - Second Edition

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by John Herdman, Ph.D., LADC, ICADC

This book is designed to assist clients in their recovery from addiction(s). Unlike other cognitive-behavioral workbooks, this workbook lays a foundation of knowledge and skills to help clients understand important cognitive processes that then allow them to progress faster and more effectively towards a program of recovery.

A Rational Workbook for Recovery from Addiction(Second Edition) is a client-friendly workbook to be used as a component to other treatment modalities. It is ideal for clients in residential treatment or intensive outpatient treatment. The client is prepared on an individual basis with knowledge about feelings, emotional intelligence, the role of the left and right brain hemispheres and is taught cognitive behavioral skills including Rational Self-Analysis (RSA) and Rational Emotive Imagery (REI) techniques. All the while the client learns about Irrational Triggers (ITs) and other common self-defeating beliefs.

ISBN 0-9768341-1-1; ISBN13: 978-0-9768341-1-3

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Global Criteria: The 12 Core Functions of the Substance Abuse Counselor - Sixth Edition

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by John Herdman, Ph.D., LADC, ICADC

The Sixth Edition incorporated TAP 21 and the tasks from the Certified Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Counselor Job Task Analysis 2008 from the IC&RC. This Sixth Edition now includes instructor lesson plans and student quizzes. It is designed to assist instructors in preparing students seeking certification as alcohol and other drug abuse counselors.  It is in accord with the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC) standards and reflects the crosswalk with TAP 21.  These standards are necessary, important and critical for the protection of the public, individual clients and counselors.  In an easily read and organized format the book provides the information on the global criteria and domain tasks used by the ICRC member boards around the world to evaluate applicants for certification as substance abuse counselors.

Global Criteria: The 12 Core Functions of a Substance Abuse Counselor: Sixth Edition is valued by both professors in counselor training programs and clinical supervisors in treatment programs. Not only do the Chapters have lesson plans for instructors, but includes quizzes with answers in Appendix A and Sample Forms in Appendix B.

Contents:  History, Screening, Intake, Orientation, Assessment, Treatment Planning, Counseling, Case Management, Crisis Intervention, Client Education, Referral, Reports and Recordkeeping, Consultation, Answers to Quizzes, and Sample Forms.  


ISBN 0-9768341-5-4         ISBN13: 978-0-9738341-5-1 

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