Our Services

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Assessments and Evaluations

Parallels uses a complete assessment battery for mental health and/or substance abuse to better understand each client's issue(s) and then determines the best couurse of treatment relative to the individuals needs.  Based on the results of the assessment, we work together with the client to develop an effective treatment plan with achievable goals.

Mental Health Services

Parallel's mental health services support clients with any mental health issue and during all phases of the treatment process.  Parallels offers a wide variety of services and programs to fit individual client needs.

Outpatient Substance Abuse programs

Parallels offers an outpatient program for adolescents and for adults and an intensive outpatient substance abuse program for adults.  These programs are designed for people who find it essential to get treatment outside a hospital setting.  It is best suited for clients who are medically stable, have transportation, and live a reasonable distance from our facility.